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Search Engine Positioning


Without high rankings in the top 30 positions on the major search engines for keywords and phrases related to your products and services, you are missing the opportunity to create awareness and inform prospects of your products and services. Research shows that 80% of all web sites are found through search engines using keywords or key phrases. Additional studies have shown that only the top 30 search results from any search engine will generate significant traffic. Increasing the ranking of your company in these engines is key to the success of your site.

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Positioning or "ranking" analysis is imperative to a successful online keyword marketing strategy. By analyzing keywords and key phrases that may be used to search for your products and/or services, The Rankin Group can determine the best place to start with your site positioning. Truly successful positioning cannot be achieved without communication with the site designers. Different search engines evaluate different aspects of a web page in ranking web pages on their sites. We will communicate the requirements to your site designers (the Rankin Group, Ltd.) to achieve a ranking in the top 30 search results. By using analysis, design, and implementation methods over an extended period of time, your site will benefit from a consistent, measurable increase in search engine visibility.

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