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Search Engine Positioning


The set up fee covers the cost of gathering the information for proper search engine placement. This guarantees key word searches including listings with Yahoo, the most widely recognized Internet brand and human-edited directory.

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> Search Engine Positioning

Preparing the Client web site for a Yahoo submission is critical. Yahoo reportedly is responsible, for over fifty percent of search engine referrals to its indexed web sites. We will guarantee that Yahoo's human indexers will visit your site within 20 days.

The monthly maintenance fee includes maintenance of current listings and expanded listings and keywords, as well as a report of positioning with all the major search engines as listed below:

All The Web The world's largest search engine service, with over 575 million full-text web documents, provides users with highly accurate and relevant results and is built by crawling and examining over 1.5 billion web documents, the most of any search engine
Alta Vista The largest traditional search engine. This engine now presents Q&A type listings from Ask Jeeves.
AOL Search America Online Search

U.C. Berkeley's text search engine.

IWON Internet portal that combines world-class search, content and functionality with the Internet's largest guaranteed cash giveaway

Full text search engine & directory. Excite also owns Magellan and WebCrawler.

Google Fast, easy-to-use, and highly accurate search service
GO-TO (Overture)

Unpaid listings only.

HotBot This search engine is owned by Lycos, it has a large index and power search options. Results are powered by DirectHit, which measures link popularity.
GO Network/Infoseek Infoseek now powers Disney's GO portal site. GO has a mid-sized search index as well as a human-edited directory. GO recently announced that it would be positioning itself as an entertainment portal.
LookSmart LookSmart is a human-edited directory similar to Yahoo! It provides directory results for partners.
Lycos Lycos is one of the oldest search tools on the Web.
MSN Search Microsoft's MSN portal features both directory and search engine results generated from the Inktomi engine.
Netscape's Open Directory

Netscape has pledged that this volunteer-edited directory is free and available for open use. Netscape uses its results in its Netscape Search. Alta Vista, AOL Search, Lycos, and many others now feature ODP results.

Northern Light Marketed as a researcher's search tool, Northern Light, has one of the largest indexes of the web.
Snap Snap is backed by CNET and NBC, it is a human-edited directory. It recently launched a service called Live Directory. Registered users may submit sites to Live Directory, which are usually added within 24 hours.
WebCrawler A small-sized directory, WebCrawler is owned by Excite but maintains its own index.
Yahoo! The most widely recognized Internet brand, Yahoo!, is a human-edited directory. Its directory listings are supplemented with search results from the Inktomi engine.
Plus automated submittals to over 2000 other smaller search engines.

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